Write Your Life


The world craves authenticity. The world craves your story.


“Write Your Life” is more than a writing workshop. It’s a portal into a life of possibility and deep abundance.


Based on the revolutionary Travis Technique, developed by maverick film director Mark W. Travis, writing your story becomes the means to journey into the depths of your unconscious and uncover that which you hardly dare to believe you are.


Bi-monthly “Write Your Life” Workshops are held on the island of O`ahu, Hawaii.

Monthly Coaching Sessions are held both on site and online. Schedule of events coming soon.




Elsha Bohnert is an award-winning artist and poet. She works with aspiring and established writers who want a powerful shortcut to creating emotionally authentic and compelling autobiographical stories for sharing with the world. Acknowledged for her artistic vision and fearlessness, Elsha specializes in helping writers go beyond their wildest dreams.


Elsha is the author of Don’t Trip over the Garden Hose & Other Blood Sacrifices (Deuxmers, 2013). The only authorized teacher of the Write Your Life Travis Technique, Elsha incorporates approaches from the visual arts, poetry, music and narrative medicine in her coaching to deepen and anchor the writing experience.


Adventure into…

  • Who Let the Dog Out!: The Crisis
  • Love, Survival, Protection, Revenge: What do you want?
  • Threshold Guardians: Outer & Inner Obstacles
  • Inside the Chaos: Naïve Narrator vs. Contemporary Narrator
  • Don’t Swim for Shore: Using the Chaos of the Committee
  • Transcending Boundaries: Time Compression and Expansion
  • The Cave Woman’s Tongue: Primal Needs, Fragmented Speech
  • Write dangerously and become yourself!


What People Say…


“There are few writer/teachers who have been able to grasp the Write Your Life process with enough understanding and confidence to be able to teach it to others. Elsha Bohnert is an amazing poet, student, writer, communicator and teacher who can see in and beyond the Write Your Life process. Anyone who studies with Elsha will receive a rare and precious gift. Elsha teaches my techniques with my blessing, encouragement and constant support.”

~ Mark W. Travis (www.markwtravis.com)


“Elsha cooks with Mark’s genius techniques and then waves her personal creative magic wand over them. She’s really good!”

~ Alice Anne Parker, Author of Understand Your Dreams, The Last of the Dream People and Gorgeous Insanity


“Take the class. Just take the class. Elsha will use the Mark Travis technique as a launching pad to the unexplored galaxy of our words and emotions. All fertile atmosphere for telling our stories.”

~ Carol Catanzariti, Writer and Poet, Co-editor Tales of the North Shore


“Elsha’s workshop is many things: an expedition, a dispenser of treasure, a gestation sanctuary, a platform to shine and, most of all, a gigantic ‘yes!’  ‘There is no wrong way,’ is how she instructs engagement, and the phrase should be hoisted as her flag! Elsha gently and firmly holds the space for the potential of the group. She acts as a beacon as we make our way forward, absorbing each potent aspect of this phenomenal (Travis) technique as she fleshes it out into a tangible, invaluable tool. And the magic here is that the tools for writing turn out to be powerful and dynamic tools of personal transformation, AND they yield their riches simultaneously! Win – win – win!”

~ Rachel Ferguson, Performance Artist


“Elsha not only let the dogs out at her writers workshop, she ran us through our paces with questions, helped us over the jumps with The Travis Technique, fed us fire with inspiration, watered us with praise, and left us panting to write the best story of our life.”

~ M. Goodwill, Fine Artist


“It is very seldom in my life that a teacher has entered my sphere with such an open heart. Elsha asks the right questions to help me move deeper into the core of my stories and thus make them better. All the while, Elsha helps me keep an eagle eye on the overall arc of the story with kind, insightful, articulate and constructive input. She has made me a better writer. And she’s fun to work with too!”

~ Ann Becker Gommers, Photographer, Fine Artist and Writer


“Elsha, thank you for all your magnificent work and generous sharing. I just loved the class. I am touched and transformed at the deepest level. This workshop with you feels like a turning point in my writing and my life.”

~ Leilani Madison, Professor of English Literature, Hawaii Pacific University (retired)


“Elsha is one of the most creative, inspirational, fun, passionately alive, and talented people I know. I don’t think there is much she could not do and do well. Her writing skills are phenomenal – courageous, lush, and insightful; her art – whether painting, mixed media, or sculptural – is vibrant and highly original; her natural gift for friendship informs and enriches her teaching skills. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

~ Tess Black, Writer, Editor, Photographer, Art Director


“Elsha, I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude for your kind hospitality and generosity. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that it was a very ‘healing’ session, in addition to being instructive and inspiring.”

~ Lena Gan, International Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and Writer of Fiction


“Thank you again so much for an inspiring session! I was so, so energized to have met and heard and learned so much from you! Wonderful gifts! And thank you, Elsha, for all of the articles, notes, and guidance/teaching! Appreciate it so much!”

~ Ayu Sarawati, Associate Professor University of Hawaii, Author of Seeing Beauty, Sensing Race in Transnational Indonesia


“Elsha is a talented innovator and a people person who can skillfully move and shake with the best of them. In the past few years, as I’ve come to know Elsha, I have found her to be a born leader, a talented artist, writer and mentor. Her creative force is an inspiration to all who know her.”

~ Cornelia Dedona, Author, Poet, Photographer