Funk Up Your Wardrobe

A Trash2Fashion Workshop




Fill a suitcase with clothes you can experiment on…

  • Sew on things like pockets, patches, buttons, lace, ribbons, etc.
  • Take things apart & create something new
  • Poke holes & patch them up
  • Create a “Rip & Safety Pin” T-shirt
  • Cannibalize, steal, stitch, burn, destroy to your heart’s content and come out with a wardrobe of wearable art!


Fee:     $20 (includes $10 materials fee)


  • Old clothes, scissors, seam rippers, fabric remnants, whatever you might want to attach to your clothes
  • Potluck lunch

To register: Email Elsha ( or Kristine (


elsha-mangoElsha Bohnert is an award-winning trash artist, known for her work with found objects and Trash2Fashion Shows.








kristine-barryKristine Barry is a fiber artist and passionate stitcher. Elsha and Kristine have collaborated on countless trash art projects and Trash2Fashion Shows. They hope to bring peace on earth, one stitch at a time.